Everything But the Kitchen Sink
VADA senior studio exhibition
On view: April 25 - May 4 // 1:00-4:00 PM
*additional times may be added
Sewall Hall, 401,413,415, 4th floor hallway and Sleepy Cyborg Gallery (Sewall Hall 258)

Featuring works by: peyton chiang, lorelei dearing, ling debellis, sophia deleon-wilson, nicolas dominguez, nida fatima, katie kirkpatrick, olivia malone, ethan perryman, jiin rhew, alexander slinkman, hannah usadi, lily weeks, and jefferson xia
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everything but the kitchen sink is the final culmination of fourteen artist practices bound over a year of proximal study. The 2023 class of Rice University's Visual Arts department presents works in paint, thread, paper, collage, resin, print, film and more.

everything but the kitchen sink centers around themes of construction, consumption, and contemplation. We have all gathered together for many hours every week to cook up our individual narratives and perspectives within our communal kitchen on Sewall's 4th floor. We explored different niches of the human experience - the transcendence of familiar places, the uncanniness of mass production, the ephemerality of treasured memories, to name a few - through dynamic discussion and self-reflection. Subsequently, through our distinct art-making processes, we learned to admire our concurrent growth and passion as a collective of young artists striving to understand our world.

We hope you enjoy what we've prepared.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to our work this year. Special thanks to our studio advisors - Josh Bernstein, Leslie Hewitt, Ken Tam, and Sindhu Thirumalaisamy - and all of the VADA faculty, especially Maria Martinez and Carlos Garcia, for their continued involvement.