At least i have you, egg.

VHS, CRT, Celluloid, Remixed.

Opening March 7 | 6-8 PM
Rice Media Center Gallery

Anna Fritz - Zwischenraum
Zwischenraum is a space of the in-between. It is a sculpture for inhabitation, which is designed around absence. It relies on inhabitation to fill the empty halls and voided windows, which frame scenes of human interaction.

Windows and walls become the medium. Their distorted scale, coloration, and configuration warp our understanding of them as objects of the everyday, making them appear both familiar and uncanny. They become psychological and phenomenological. The window becomes a two-way gaze and the walls create an optical illusion. Ultimately, the project is an investigation into ideas of viewership in both art and architecture and how these disciplines affect the human experience of objects and space.

Julia Casbarian - Telefrag
Telefrag is an interactive sculpture that puts the viewer in the place of a cat. Playing with scale and ideas of transformation and transportation, the audience becomes an integral part of the piece, a fabric-covered play space for human cats. The fabric-covered structure is a teleportation machine of sorts, as it transports human viewers into the world of a cat. Playing with the idea of teleportation and common tropes in cartoons where botched teleportation results in shrinking bodies, mismatched parts, and other mutations, the audience becomes a teleportation accident, where humans have been shrunken to cat size.

Helena Martin - Push/Pull
Since its earliest conception projection has been focused on light. Shadow puppets, magic lantern shows, and camera obscuras have at their very base elements the use of light and shadow in order to create visuals. Later developments such as zoetrope’s and flip books added in the element of motion. An exploration and tribute to these base elements of projection, this exhibition will explore the nature of light, shadow, and movement.

Abbey Perez - VHS, CRT, Celluloid, Remixed.
With my project of hand-painted, bleached, cut, and scratched 16mm film projected onto a landscape of defunct and out-of-date technology I hope to provoke nostalgia for the past while creating something new. I wanted to use objects that most people think of as outdated in new ways, giving them new life to viewers and artists alike.
The Mavis C Pitman Exhibition has been underwritten by the Mavis C. Pitman Endowment and the Department of Visual and Dramatic Arts. For more information, please visit or call 713-348-4882.

At least i have you, egg. will be on view at the Rice Media Center Gallery through March 28, 2019.


The Mavis C Pitman Exhibition has been underwritten by the Mavis C. Pitman Endowment and the Department of Visual and Dramatic Arts.  For more information, please visit or call 713-348-4882.