Instructions for Reserving Hamman Hall

Please follow the following instructions to request reserving Hamman Hall. Please note that we can only rent Hamman Hall to non-profit 501-3C organizations. Hamman Hall is available September through May, or as the academic calendar allows.

1.) We ask that you please take a look at the sample Hamman Hall Facilities Use Agreement provided so that you can be sure Hamman Hall best suits the needs of your event. Documents considered a part of this agreement and that we strongly encourage you to take a look at before sending a Reservation Request Form include:

  • Policies and Procedures -- please read carefully as most of your questions will be answered here and this document is considered a part of the Facilities Use Agreement once your reservation is confirmed.
  • Fee schedule -- to keep for your files
  • Hamman Hall Technical Information Packet

2.) Click on the Reservation Request link and download the form.
3.) Fill out all the requested information on the Reservation Request Form, please e-mail the completed form to: with Hamman Hall Reservation typed in the subject line, or fax it to 713-348-5910.

4.) After we have received the reservation request form you will be contacted by management to discuss your technical needs in detail. Determination will be made if your event can be handled by our staff in the available time period and estimate the number of labor hours required.

5.) Once all of this information has been gathered, management will let you know if your event can be considered for booking and send you a completed Facilities Use Agreement with final instructions for deposits and information regarding confirmation approval procedures. Please plan well in advance of your event as this process takes approximately two - three months.

6.) Once you have completed the Facilities Use Agreement and returned it to our office with payment, the Rice Theatre Program director will finalize the approval. This can take up to one month from the date your payment is received.