Wayne Derrick

Degree(s): BA, Rice University, 1981

VADA Concentration: Film

Rice Graduation Year: 1981

I am just completing an Arts/History programme called “The Stones of Rosslyn” for the BBC as a self-shooting PD. The film is shot on high-definition at looks at the artistic history of the Chapel’s construction and its extraordinary carvings. It’s presented by Lady Helen Rosslyn and she does an excellent job at presenting for the first time. I always like programmes that are mentally or physically challenging, especially when they aspire towards important or emotionally moving content. I enjoy "observational" shooting and working with presenters. In fact working with new presenters has become something of a specialty. I have also made several historical programmes that mix dramatic reconstructions with graphics and stylistic interviews. Initially I worked as a documentary cameraman on TV series such as Under The Sun, Bookmark, Everyman, and Witness for the BBC; Viewpoint for ITV; Cutting Edge, Fragile Earth and Short Stories for Channel Four. During this time I shot films in Colombia, Panama, Guatemala, Brazil, Spain, India, Russia, Pakistan, the USA and, of course, in Britain. Awards: BAFTA Award Photography Factual; BAFTA Cymru Award Photography Not Drama;Basil Wright Award; Special Jury Prize, Cinquieme Bilan du Film Ethnographique (Paris); Silver Medal Winner at New York TV Festivals; American Film Institute Award; BBC Documentary Award; Emmy Award Nomination for Best Musical Special.